Help with Replacement Glass Tiffany Shades

How to choose the correct size shade for your lamp

Choosing the correct size of shade to fit your lamp is mostly down to personal choice and we have put togeather a few simple rules to help you. We have split this down to Tiffany Shades, Table Lamp Shades and Floor Lamp Shades.

Tiffany Lamp Shades

Tiffany replacement shades can be fitted on a Tiffany style base, this means the base will have a short rod with 3/8 inch/10mm diameter at the top. The tiffany shade sits with the rod through the top plate and is fixed in place with the decorative finial. We generally recommend a medium shade of around 16 inches/40cm in diameter sits on a base of around 22 inches/55cm. A Perfect example of this is the Blue Dragonfly Lamp. For shades of 12 inches/30cm diameter, a base of around 17 inches/44cm is ideal, the Astoria table lamp is perfectly in proportioned and a stunning lamp! For Tiffany Floor Lamps, we recommend a shade width of 20 inches/50cm to make the statement these beautiful pieces of art require!

Table and Floor Lamp Shades

We sell a broad range of lamp shades in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. These can be fitted to table and floor lamps with either B22 or E27 fittings (Bayonet or Edison screw)

Smaller sized lampshades (14 inches and under) will fit directly onto the fitting. Larger sizes (16 inches +) will use a shade carrier for stability, we do indicate on each shade if you will need a shade carrier.

As mentioned above, size is a personal choice but we do recomend the following rules when looking for a shade

Shade Width and Height

We recommend the shade is wider than the base and is around the same as the lamp base from the bottom of the lower rim of the shade. The shade height should be approximately 40 % of the total height of the lamp.